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Rebus Club of Gulf Harbour -–Dining Group

Our Club arranges regular social dinner parties at restaurants in the area, so if you enjoy a convivial social evening with likeminded people, then our Dining Group is for you. If you would like to be on the email list giving notice of these events, give your name to George Tregidga. When a dinner is scheduled, he will inform you by email of the date, time and venue and if you decide to attend, George will make the reservation.

Payment of your own meal and drinks are to be settled by you directly with the restaurant.

George’s contact particulars are:  mobile 027 223 7953

Dinner Combined 26th Matrch 2024.jpg

A typical dinner – this one at Mainsail Restaurant shared with the Hibiscus

Coast, Men's Rebus Club, March 2024

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